Simon Piers-Gall

Simon Piers Gall

Simon Piers Gall – Tues 28th Jan 2014

Noblesse Retreats Welcome Simon Piers Gall,
Master of Thai Massage

We cordially invite you to learn, with a Master of Thai Massage, Simon Piers Gall, new & simple techniques to aid rest and restore your energy, to promote flexibility and tip top health.

Ten guests will be invited to spend a day in his company, in peaceful & beautiful surroundings. All refreshments and a delicious lunch will be served.
You will leave knowing how to centre your mind and your body, promote and protect your personal health.

We all rush, squeezing our perpetual lists into our day; the list sitting squarely straight ahead in full view, like the mirror in our car. We check we’re doing ‘the right thing’- often with moments to spare; we turn the other cheek, to the wistful longing for some time to ourselves, when it taps on our shoulder.

Our children are obviously (& mostly) a complete delight, so too family, friends, our homes but…that small space we seek is elusive, so is the time… like sand through our fingers –

Noblesse Retreats is inviting you to step out of your day, find deep relaxation, reduce the stress, increase your energy and help you to centre your mind and body.

The main emphasis in the practice of Thai Massage is to promote health by treating the disease before it manifests physically, it increases your vitality, your circulation and therefore your core strength and flexibility.

The Noblesse Retreat Day will focus on Thai Foot Massage.

The foundation of this 2,000-year old Massage technique is the reading of signs on the feet and applying pressure with the hands, techniques through application of gentle pressure – this is the art.

Simon is fun and interesting and highly respected in his field and Founder of the Thai Massage School in London.
As an accomplished Teacher and Trainer, he will give you an easy route to ongoing wellbeing. You will leave with new skills you can apply daily, pass on and share.

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